League Table

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We have a monthly competition, where members submit up to three images, either prints or projected images. These are judged by an external judge who awards points, and these points are added up into an annual league table. The year runs from April to March.

 This is the current league table for the season 2019-2020

Theo Dibbits1572020201920202018
Stuart Ogden1571920201919202020
John Docherty1481719191720201620
Bill Middleton1451917172019191816
Clive Royle1431817181918181718
Eileen Marsh1351718161518161817
Keith Brooks1341619161618161617
Phil Wood12317191718171817
Richard Sheridan111191519201919
Abdul Widaa55172018
Stephen Dutch54171819
Tim Hodson361719
Brian Senior341816
Angela Barlow321715
Joe Collins1919
Paul Williamson1818
John Barton1818
Allan Barlow1616

 The previous season 2018 – 2019 ended up like this:

Congratulations to Stuart Ogden on being the worthy winner 

Stuart Ogden231201920191818201820202019
Bill Middleton226191920191819191919171919
Clive Royle213181716161918181717191820
Keith Brooks205171916181715172016171716
Richard Sheridan18917181820202017201920
John Docherty17017151818171620141817
Eileen Marsh16618161416171715161819
Phil Wood157201717171718191517
Tim Hodson12116171720171717
Stephen Dutch108181818171819
Abdul Widaa101181516171817
Brian Senior7119181816
Theo Dibbits60202020
Angela Barlow51161718
Allan Barlow48151815
John Hughes361917
Lee Guy1818
Martin Wilkinson1717
Paul Williamson1616